NUMECA product developments are based on a range of unique innovative software tools and methods, offering the best in numerical methods, physical models, design and optimization, grid generation algorithms and GUI for each family of applications. 

Integrated design and optimization software environment for multistage turbomachinery.

NUMECA’s unique Computational Flow Visualization software.

The Power of Strongly Coupled Integration

Do you want to see the effect of the Reynolds Number on the vortex shedding, the effect of the angle of attack on the lift and drag of a 2D profile, the flow around 2D geometry you can easily draw or import ?

Suite of meshing tools for high quality grids applicable to all types of applications.

Integrated CFD environment for external and internal turbomachinery flow analysis.

Integrated and versatile environment for multiphysics CFD.

Integrated Environment for Acoustic, Vibro-Acoustic and Aero-Acoustic simulations, from fast pre-design calculations to detailed large scale analysis.

Integrated environment for 3D design and optimization of turbomachinery channels and blades

Dedicated CFD software system customized for marine applications.