The fastest CFD Flow Integrated Environment dedicated to Multiphysics

Modeling real-world problems requires real-world solutions. Whether it's for the evaluation of an existing design or the creation of a new design from scratch, simulation prediction has to be accurate and fast.

This is why NUMECA has developed dedicated CFD solutions, featuring density and pressure-based Navier-Stokes as well as Lattice Boltzmann solvers. Whichever solver meets the needs of the design, the turn around time is guaranteed to be fast.

Applications include

  • Complex internal flows 
  • Conjugate Heat Transfer (CHT) including radiation
  • Multiphase flows 
  • Fluid Structure Interaction (FSI) including strong coupling
  • Acoustics for tonal and broadband analysis

With built-in, world-leading expertise and an engineering environment that accelerates design flow from initial concept through simulation, analysis and optimization, NUMECA assists customers in every step of the design process.



HONDA CR-V: Conjugate Heat Transfer (CHT) Underbody 

FORD Turbocharger wheel: MultiDisciplinary Optimization

EV gearbox: Complex internal flow  - Lattice Boltzmann

Industrial Muffler: Acoustic transmission loss


OMNIS™ - Power to explore, collaborate and innovate

One single integrated multiphysics environment for all steps in the simulation process, powered by the fastest solvers on the market.

Accurately predict real-world product performance through multiphysics simulation. Run all of your CAE  simulations (FEA, CFD, EM,...) in one open platform and change from one physics to another by the simple click of a button. 

Set-up is a breeze; go from CAD to a CFD-ready high-quality mesh in minutes.

Steer product design from start to finish through a highly-automated and streamlined workflow.

High Fidelity - Built for the most advanced simulation needs.


"Masten Space Systems heavily utilized the FINE Suite at HPC scale to design our next-generation reusable satellite launch system. We developed an aerodynamic configuration that hasn't been done before for launch or reentry. Wind tunnel tests confirmed critical aspects of the design, and predictions compared well with measurements."

Allan Grosvenor, Aerodynamics Lead at Masten Space Systems

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