The AeroDelft Team uses NUMECA CFD software for the design of the first liquid hydrogen aircraft

    Anne-Marie Schelkens     News     25.02.2019

NUMECA is proud of signing the sponsorship agreement with the TU Delft Dream Team AeroDelft for Project Phoenix.  

The project is the first of its kind that uses liquid hydrogen as a fuel on a two-seated motor glider. The glider is expected to have a range of 2000 km.

Project Phoenix is also the first aircraft to fully implement a boundary layer suction system on both wings. This system aims to reduce fuel consumption by 10%.

Appreciating the innovation, NUMECA became the CFD sponsor of the team. The team is going to use NUMECA tools to analyze and optimize its hydrogen feed system of the fuel cell and the boundary layer suction system.  

We wish the team success in this brave and innovative design. We proudly support their design success using NUMECA CFD solutions.

To use the software FINE™/Open-DBS with OpenLabs™ in your own academic projects, you can ask for a free license from our NUMECA Academic webpage.


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Anne-Marie is Sr CFD Marketing Manager at Cadence. Before joining Cadence in 2021, she was the Head of Marketing at Numeca International until it was acquired by Cadence. Earlier in her career she held various roles in the automotive and ICT industries, based in Belgium and Spain.