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New Release - FINE™/Acoustics version 9.1

Discover improvements in speed, user-friendliness and robustness.

New Release - FINE™/Open With OpenLabs™ V9.2

Speed-up your most complex simulations with FINE™/Open's newest update.

New Release - FINE™/Marine version 9.1

Faster convergence, same accuracy - and plenty of other improvements in this updated version of FINE™/Marine.

New Release - FINE™/Turbo, FINE/Agile™ and FINE™/Design3D

Broader range of compatibility in FINE™/Turbo, better preliminary and detailed design in FINE/Agile™ and the optimization kernel MINAMO for RDO in FINE™/Design3D.

New Release - FINE™/Open With OpenLabs™ V9.1

Save engineering and CPU time with the new version of FINE™/Open with OpenLabs™. Check out the newest features.