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Hybrid mesh combining structured and unstructured applied to a micro gas turbine engine

The selected test case is a redesign version of the KJ66 micro gas turbine. One of the main challenges in designing an engine is the complexity in terms of geometrical details (combustion chamber features, turbine cooling holes…). The Figure below shows the layout of the redesigned version of the KJ66 MGT used in the full engine computation.




The three-dimensional mesh for the blade rows (compressor and turbine rows) was generated automatically using Autogrid5™, NUMECA’s turbomachinery dedicated full automatic hexahedral block-structured grid generator. The mesh for the combustion chamber and exhaust hood was generated with HEXPRESS/Hybrid™, NUMECA’s unstructured hex-dominant conformal body-fitted mesher for arbitrary complex geometries. The entire mesh has 19.20 million points.