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FINE™/Open with OpenLabs™

In- and external flow package for students includes FINE™/Open with OpenLabs™ consisting of:

  • FINE™/Open flow solver (limited to 4 cores),
  • Openlabs™, (to customize and add physical models)
  • CPU Booster™, Multiphysics,
  • Modal & Flutter Analysis,
  • CFView™,
  • Openlabs™ exchange in the NUMECA forum.

AutoGrid5™ and IGG™

In- and external flow package for students also includes AutoGrid5™ and IGG™. AutoGrid5™ is a fully automatic hexahedral grid generator and IGG™ is a manual hexahedral grid generator. AutoGrid5™ comes with advanced turbomachinery meshing features such as:

  • Multistage meshing,
  • Blade-to-blade setup,
  • 3D effects,
  • Bypass configuration,
  • Meridional effects,
  • Wind turbine wizard


You can now get access to the OMNIS™ platform with the In- and external flow package. OMNIS™/HEXPRESS allows you to:

  • Import, and Edit your CAD model
  • Dynamically adapt the triangulation
  • Repair the geometry with advanced tools: Cap Holes, Extrude faces, Remove Features, Loft and Revolve curves
  • Create your domain and define multiple designs
  • Use HEXPRESS™/Hybrid most advanced capabilities:
    • Choose between HYBRID and Full HEX mesh
    • Define different refinement modes
    • Set surface and volume refinements
    • Use Proximity refinement to capture specific features of the geometry
  • Generate the mesh. Analyse the result with the quality histograms and color contour. Isolate and display the cells by quality criteria ranges.
  • Export your mesh in various formats to be used with NUMECA and various other solvers 

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