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The Classroom and R&D licenses offer dedicated tools for teachers and researchers.

The Classroom license offers simultaneous access to multiple users (20 seats with 2 solver cores/seat).

The R&D license offers large parallel capabilities (1 seat with 64 solver cores).

The academic membership is included with the R&D licenses of FINE™/Turbo, FINE™/Marine and Multiphysics. 

Both the Classroom and R&D licenses offer hotline support.


  • AutoGrid5™
  • CPU Booster™
  • Modal+Flutter
  • NLH, Fine/Design 3D, UQ 
  • FINE™/Turbo solver
  • Acoustics Broadband & Tonal 
    (only included in R&D license)



  • FINE™/Marine solver
  • Modal Approach, UQ


  • Vnoise™
  • All Add-Ons
  • HEXPRESS™/Hybrid





Multiphysics FSI

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