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Wind Energy

NUMECA provides solutions for the wind energy industry, with a series of integrated software environments such as FINE™/TurboFINE™/Open with OpenLabsFINE™/Design3D and FINE™/Acoustics.

NUMECA's  CFD solutions and expertise support a large spectrum of turbine optimization and analysis tools for:

  • Aerodynamic performance (blade/wake (potential) interactions, wake interactions, wind speed and turbulence)
  • Noise performance (vibration and flow generated noise)
  • Optimization of components (blades, generators, nacelles, rotors)
  • Wind farm layout (complex configurations)
  • Fluid-structure interactions

NUMECA software covers a wide range of wind energy flow analyses, from the design of small wind turbines or vertical axis turbines to the creation of full CFD simulations of wind farm layout and open terrain flow behavior.

Software Products

Application Cases

The AeroGust Project: Aeroelastic Gust Modelling

A key element in the design of an aircraft is to make sure it can cope with the stresses arising from the impact of strong winds on the plane’s structure. Calculating the way the aircraft reacts to gusts and turbulences is essential knowledge before a plane can be built.