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WindTunnel CFD

NUMECA's mobile application for real time CFD


Do you want to see the effect of the Reynolds Number on the vortex shedding, the effect of the angle of attack on the lift and drag of a 2D profile, the flow around 2D geometry you can easily draw or import ?

Or do you just prefer to understand the principles of computational fluid dynamics ?

If so, this app is for you.

NUMECA International, developer of high-end 3D CFD software and ALGORIZK, developer of interactive physical simulation applications have joined forces to provide an Application (for Education), aiming at providing 2D quantitative results with comparison to experiments, 3D CFD or analytical results.

Numerical technology includes:

  • Immersed Boundary Method using discrete forcing approach
  • Werner-Wengle wall function
  • Vorticity confinement method switch (on/off) to add artificial turbulence
  • 1st or 2nd order Advection scheme
  • CPU and GPU acceleration



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Check out our YouTube channel for more videos.


Key Features

  • Choose between two modes: interactive mode to draw obstacles or import mode to import shapes from text files. These files include numerical settings and can also include reference data for comparison (see format description below).
  • Pre-processing tools: mesh size adjustment (max. size is function of the screen definition of your smartphone or tablet), wind tunnel input velocity magnitude and angle, fluid viscosity, periodicity top/down & Reynolds number. Tapping twice on the inlet region opens the boundary condition window.
  • Adjust numerical parameters : CFL number, iteration number for the Poisson equation solver, artificial turbulence.


  • Visualization: physical fields (pressure, velocity magnitude, velocity components, vorticity), particles (streamlines, streak lines and random), colored smoke (predefined stripes, streamlines or streak lines). 
Regarding the streamline, you can change the number of streamlines pitching the screen on the inlet region.
  • Analyse the flow field using the color scale. Touch the screen on the upper and lower limit of the scale to change the color scale (only for pressure and vorticity).


  • Post-processing tools: line or point probes are available to plot the field in a graphic. You can plot the averaged or the instantaneous fields as well as the lift and drag. Strouhal number is available using an automatic Fourier decomposition tool. An output file (in VTK format) of your results is available.
  • Tapping twice on the Cartesian plot, the color scale or the information box will remove them.
  • Load/Save your own configuration.

  • Predefined cases are available such as circle cylinder Re=3900, square cylinder Re=500, Durham turbine and others.