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NUMECA and UberCloud announce the release of NUMECA’s complete suite of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software powered by UberCloud application software containers, now also available as a service in any cloud. All major NUMECA’s Flow Integrated Environment FINE™ software packages such as FINE™/Marine, FINE™/Turbo, FINE™/Acoustics, FINE™/Design3D, AutoMesh™, and FINE™/Open with OpenLabs are now also available in an UberCloud Container running on any server and in any cloud.

"Until recently it was my firm belief that cloud computing for engineering applications is one of the next big challenges we have to solve," said Professor Charles Hirsch, President and founder of NUMECA International, and world-renowned expert on Computational Fluid Dynamics. "But when we came across UberCloud's new application container technology and containerized all our CFD software packages we were surprised about the ease of use and access to any computing system on demand.”

At the recent NUMECA International Worldwide Users Meeting October 26 – 29 in Brussels, NUMECA demonstrated its FINE™/Turbo CFD software system customized for turbomachinery applications, in the cloud. During the live demonstration to the conference participants Business Development Director Aji Purwanto entered NUMECA’s store in the online UberCloud Marketplace, selected a FINE™/Turbo service, and was taken to the FINE™/Turbo container on the CPU 24/7 cloud within seconds. Then he uploaded the geometry and instantly started the simulation, in a window which looked identical to an engineer’s desktop. Finally he presented the simulation result interactively manipulating the geometry and the physics flow field. The whole demonstration took less than 5 minutes.

“The live demonstration of our FINE™/Turbo fluid dynamics software in the cloud was a real highlight at our recent NUMECA International User Meeting in Brussels," Marc Tombroff, Managing Director at NUMECA, said. “NUMECA containers now bring simplicity to complex performance and engineering environments never seen before.”

 “UberCloud builds powerful engineering and scientific software application containers as a professional service and in partnership with leading software providers,” said Wolfgang Gentzsch, President of UberCloud. “UberCloud Container technology allows a wide variety and selection for engineers because containers are portable from server to server, cloud to cloud. Companies can now containerize all their application software, be it commercial, open source, or in-house developed. This way it will be easily accessible and usable on-demand, at their users’ finger tips: install once in a container, use anywhere.”


About NUMECA International

NUMECA International is a leading developer and provider of Grid Generation, Multiphysics CFD and Multidisciplinary (Conjugate Heat Transfer, Aero- and Vibro Acoustics, Fluid-structure interactions) simulation and optimization software for industrial products and processes.  Based on original and innovative technology, NUMECA software systems are largely recognized for their superior performances and fidelity with unique application-driven features.  NUMECA Int. has its headquarters and main development teams in Brussels, Belgium and is present worldwide with subsidiaries in China, India, Japan, and USA.

About UberCloud

UberCloud is the community, marketplace, and technology for engineers and scientists and their service providers to discover, try, and buy high performance computing as a service, in the cloud. Founded in 2012, UberCloud performed 180 engineering cloud experiments so far to better understand and resolve cloud computing challenges. This resulted in the development of UberCloud Container technology based on open-source Docker and developed for complex engineering and scientific applications enabling ease of access to and use of any computing environment, for any user and for any provider. 

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