Webinar: New features of the FINE™/Marine suite's latest release

Aerospace & Defense     03.05.2017

Discover the new features of NUMECA’s FINE™/Marine CFD dedicated marine software environment

Join us for this free webinar session and learn from our expert how this new version of FINE™/Marine will boost your productivity, from mesh generation to results visualization, while giving you a deeper insight in the flow physics.

During this webinar several features will be explained and illustrated for these applications, clearly demonstrating the ability of CFD to manage them with total accuracy.


Location: Connect from anywhere in the world to one of the sessions most convenient for you.

Timing: Wednesday May 3rd 2017

Duration: approx. 30 minutes presentation, followed by an open discussion


European & Asian business hours:

10:00AM (Brussels), 4:00PM (Beijing), 5:00PM (Tokyo) 

American business hours:

9:00 AM (Honolulu), 11:00 AM (San Francisco), 2:00 PM (New York), 8:00 PM (Brussels) 






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