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NUMECA offers dedicated marine solutions for propellers related analysis like open water and ship performances, and local phenomena (cavitation, pressure pulses, etc.). NUMECA tools can be used to mirror tank test but also sea trials thanks to adapted wave modeling. 

We help you with fluid dynamics propeller simulation with different level of complexity, based on a uniform thurst, open water data or real propeller geometry including energy saving devices.

Use our optimization engine to optimize the propeller blades geometry to get better performances, increase the ship speed and/or reduce the fuel consumption.


A fast, complete and easy-to-use solution dedicated to propellers.

  • The leading software for marine applications. 
  • Ready-to-use and automatically coupled to the NUMECA optimization engine.  
  • Highly accurate and fast software with top-notch meshing of the propeller thanks to a structured meshing tool.
  • Wizard with dedicated self-propulsion and open water propeller modes.


Attend our paper presentation on "Robust design optimization of a ducted marine propeller".

More information to come. 


About SMP

SMP’19 is the sixth in a series of international symposiums dedicated to hydrodynamics of all types of marine propulsors.

SMP’19 provides a forum to present state-of-the-art research and studies on existing marine propulsors as well as a platform for introduction of new types of propulsors. Special attention is given to high efficiency propulsion devices. Environmental issues are addressed by introducing topics on green propulsion.

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