Catenary approach for cable modeling in hydrodynamic applications

Marine / Naval / Hydro Webinar     16.12.2020




4 PM CET (click on the register button to see your local time)


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Thanks to NUMECA's new collaboration with D-ICE Engineering, cables can be modeled with a higher degree of accuracy in FINE™/Marine. This new module, called Catway, uses a catenary approach for modeling the lines with a quasi-static determination of the tension forces exerted on attached bodies. It also raises the bar of traditional quasi-static modeling by allowing fully three-dimensional set-ups for complex computations involving mooring systems for vessels and floating offshore structures.

The Catway module can be used for a variety of applications, including:

  • Ship towing another ship or a fish, buoy, etc.
  • Mooring lines for ships attached to the ground or to the dock
  • Cranes winch for objects delivery
  • Offshore floating platform




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