Webinar: Why meshing complex geometries has never been so easy

Automotive & Transportation Aerospace & Defense Marine / Naval / Hydro Energy & Power Generation Webinar     31.03.2021




4 PM CET (click on the register button to see your local time)


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Witness the next generation of meshing

Nowadays meshing a complete car, an entire ship or even a full engine is perfectly possible. But the question is: at which cost?

How much time should an engineer spend on it?

Knowing that a geometry can consist of hundreds of thousands of surfaces, should the engineer decide one by one which parameters need to be activated? 

NUMECA has the answer: Set up meshes in a matter of minutes, no matter how complex the geometry with OMNIS™ meshing and preparation tools.

In this 30-minute webinar we will show you first-hand how to mesh any geometry, no matter how complex, at the highest level of accuracy and speed - guaranteed!



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