Higher performance and longer life for turbomachinery through retrofitting optimization

Energy & Power Generation Webinar     22.06.2021




4 PM CET (click on the register button to see your local time)


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Aging equipment represents a serious challenge for engineers: degradation of performance, limited life, new environmental emission standards, and high maintenance costs often require retrofitting of entire rows or overhauling of the entire assembly. 

To extend the life of turbomachinery as much as possible, reducing losses to the minimum and applying the latest technology, CFD simulation can have a great impact by upgrading flow paths, optimizing the blading, designing seals and leakages, etc...

Cadence Design System and Concepts NREC provide all tools necessary to design even the most complex geometries, analyze them with great accuracy and optimize their performance within the required constraints.


In this 30-minute webinar we learn how to use AxCent, OMNIS™/Turbo and the optimization kernel Minamo™ to:

  • Compute and analyze the performances of a steam turbine 

  • Generate a parametric model in AxCent

  • Retrofit a turbine with new blading, flow paths, and seals with an optimization 


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