Fluid dynamics simulation of a generic gas turbine combustor

    Yannick Baux     Customer Case     14.05.2017

This case study on combustion and radiative heat transfer in a generic gas turbine (GGT) combustor of TU Darmstadt illustrates the multi-physics modeling capabilities in OMNIS™/Open-DBS. Three test cases are simulated:

  • Adiabatic non-premixed combustion
  • Non-adiabatic non-premixed combustion with radiative heat losses
  • Partially premixed combustion.

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Posted by Yannick Baux
Yannick graduated as Energy and Environmental engineer from the French engineer school INSA Lyon. After working for six years as a CFD consultant and part-time lecturer, he joined NUMECA in 2016 as turbomachinery products and applications manager.