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NUMECA offers complete solutions for flow and multiphysics simulation, design and optimization

At NUMECA we don't believe in the 'one-size-fits-all' approach, which is why we have developed specific CFD software solutions for specific problems and industries, giving access to technology which gets the job done quickly and efficiently, supported by experts from the industry.

The OMNIS™ environment is designed to simplify and advance the way engineers use that technology. Add the modules you need, when you need them, and easily share them with peers anywhere in the world. OMNIS™ provides automated application workflows, full hexahedral meshing, high-fidelity multiphysics and acoustic simulation and robust design optimization; all powered by the fastest CFD solvers on the market! 

Consulting Solutions

NUMECA is your partner in CAE & CFD simulations, and consulting services are an integral part of our technology-based solutions. Our worldwide consulting teams offer high-level expertise for fluid flow analysis, design and optimization, as well as dedicated solutions for fluid/solid multiphysics.

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CFD course for students

Unlock the business value of your CFD software with targeted training programs. Get up to speed with products or increase your simulation skills.

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Upcoming events

Webinar: CFD wind study for ship superstructures

We will present all numerical aspects dedicated to wind studies for ships and boats, replacing wind tunnel testing with CFD and bringing marine design to a new level.

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Webinar: FINE™/Marine and C-Wizard: From a resistance computation to a matrix of computations for VPP (Spanish spoken)

During this webinar a CFD specialist from NUMECA will show you how to prepare a matrix of tens of cases to feed a VPP using the C-Wizard. This methodology can be applied both to hulls or appendages such as foils.

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Aeronautics design solutions - Part 3: Full aircraft meshing and simulation within OMNIS™

This Webinar will demonstrate how OMNIS™ can be used to provide highly-reliable meshes and simulations for full aircraft configurations.

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