HPC Development Engineer

Main Responsibilities:

As a Hardware/Software Interaction Specialist in the HPC Development Group. This position is based in the San Francisco area.


Your main responsibilities will be:

  • Optimize NUMECA’s legacy and next-generation software suites for efficient execution on massively parallel, heterogeneous architectures. 

  • Perform in-depth profiling and tracing studies to identify and resolve performance bottlenecks.

  • Implement new functionality for improved strong scalability and a streamlined end-user experience. 

  • Port NUMECA software to new compilers and platforms. 

  • Coordinate with other members of the HPC development group on bugfixes, research projects, and customer support. 


To be able to assume this role, the minimum qualifications are:

  • BS in computer science, computer engineering, or a related field. 

  • Proficiency with C/C++ and a Linux development environment.

  • Demonstrated ability to identify and resolve performance bottlenecks in large scientific applications. 

  • Experience with one or more of the following

    • Distributed memory parallel programming with MPI

    • Shared memory parallel programming with OpenMP 

    • GPU Programming with OpenACC, CUDA, or OpenCL


The additional qualifications are:

  • Knowledge of compiler optimization techniques.

  • Proficiency with Linux build tools such as make, cmake, and configure. 

  • Experience with profiling and tracing tools such as Intel VTune, gprof, and HPCToolKit. 

  • Experience optimizing code for modern CPU features such as advanced vectorization extensions. 


You should be highly motivated and dynamic, have good communication and analytical skills, be a stress-resistant problem solver, be a team player, able to meet the highest quality standards, and ideally have a passion for programming.


Please send a motivation letter and resume plus relevant technical papers, reports, references, etc. to: HR Department, Numeca International at jobs@numeca.be

Indicate clearly the reference job number: HPC20-01.