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NUMECA's product strategy is based on the development of automated, integrated and customized software systems for rapid and reliable meshing, simulation, design and optimization. Our software solutions closely follow the industrial requirements for a broad range of applications.

Find out below which solutions NUMECA offers for your industry.


Power & Propulsion

CFD software for modeling complex flows in power and propulsion machinery, from micro turbines to large-scale multistage axial compressors​.


Applications covering a wide spectrum of analyses from aerodynamics, thermal & climate control to aeroacoustics but also powertrain engine flow & combustion.


From aerodynamic and noise performance to optimization of components, fluid-structure interactions and heating, ventilation and air conditioning analysis.


NUMECA has strong expertise in marine. Software & engineering services cover design, analysis & optimization of resistance, propulsion, maneuvering &  seakeeping.


NUMECA offers advanced grid generation and CFD tools for modeling complex flow phenomena in hydraulic machine components within a short project timeframe.

Wind Energy

Covering a wide range of wind energy flow analyses, from designing wind turbines to creating full CFD simulations of wind farm layout & open terrain flow behavior.

Architecture & HVAC

NUMECA software solutions enable architects & civil engineers to analyze heating, ventilation & air conditioning issues, as well as architecture & structural components.

Oil & Gas

CFD solutions dedicated to chemical engineering for application in the oil and gas industry: offshore platforms, gas/steam turbines, pumps...


Our integrated software environments provide tools for complex flow analysis for biological applications, medical treatment & diagnostic systems.



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