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NUMECA offers grid generation and CFD tools targeted to the aerospace industry, with integrated software environments such as FINE™/TurboFINE™/Open with OpenLabsFINE™/Design3D and FINE™/Acoustics, providing analysis tools solutions for:  

  • Aerodynamic performance including potential, blade/wake, wake interactions, wind speed and turbulence
  • Noise performance including vibration and flow generated noise
  • Optimization of components e.g. blades, generators, nacelles, rotors
  • Fluid-structure interactions
  • Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) analysis

NUMECA software and engineering services cover a wide range of aerospace flow analyses including: Passenger Aircraft, Full Aircraft Configuration, Transonic, Supersonic, and Hypersonic Flow, Aircraft Cabin, Wing-box Fuel Tank and High-Lift Device.

NUMECA CFD solutions are recognized by a large number of commercial groups within the aerospace industry.

Software Products

Application Cases

NUMFLO, global leader in numerical simulation, seducing Hollywood

NUMFLO has collaborated with FLYING-CAM, a Belgian company, leader in designing and manufacturing unmanned airborne solutions, that won 2 Scientific and Engineering Awards at the famous Oscars® with their innovative technology.

The AeroGust Project: Aeroelastic Gust Modelling

A key element in the design of an aircraft is to make sure it can cope with the stresses arising from the impact of strong winds on the plane’s structure. Calculating the way the aircraft reacts to gusts and turbulences is essential knowledge before a plane can be built.

Space Launch Innovation at Masten Space Systems with NUMECA Software

NUMECA-USA has worked closely with Masten Aerodynamics Lead, Allan Grosvenor, and his team to develop an HPC-driven workflow that enables concept development, evolution, and optimization, of vehicle configuration that takes into consideration aerodynamic performance, control, loads and aerothermal heating, with simultaneous trajectory optimization.

GKN Aerospace talks about why they use AutoGrid5™

As a key player in the aerospace market, at GKN Aerospace we need to be very demanding regarding the capabilities of the tools we use. In the fast-paced environment that is the CFD world, our engineers need a robust and quick mesh generator, providing an accurate capturing of our complex turbomachinery geometries. 

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