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NUMECA has developed a strong expertise in the marine industry, offering software solutions such as AutoMesh™ and FINE™/Marine (developed in close partnership with l’Ecole Centrale de Nantes and the CNRS). Software and engineering services cover design, analysis and optimization of the resistance, propulsion, maneuvering and seakeeping in a large number of applications including:

  • Cargo vessels and cruise ships
  • Sailing yachts
  • Offshore vessels and platforms
  • High speed motor boats
  • Military vehicles

FINE™/Marine is used by a large number of industrial groups worldwide and is recognized to be the leading dedicated CFD software in this industry.

Software Products

Application Cases

Validation of Wind Loads on a Slender Vessel using CFD by DAMEN & NUMECA

DAMEN and NUMECA are developing a CFD methodology to demonstrate a vessel has sufficient transversal stability to resist over-rolling in severe side winds.

Marintek chooses FINE™/Marine for planing hull resistance curve prediction

For the prediction of the resistance curve of a planing hull and validation against model tests, Marintek used FINE™/Marine and HEXPRESS™ in this user case. Read all about it here.

Prediction of Barehull KRISO Containership Resistance in the Cloud

An UberCloud Experiment in cooperation with NUMECA

Prediction of Barehull Resistance Curve of a Day-Cruise Ship in the Cloud

NUMECA partnering with CPU24-7 and the UberCloud open new era of “One-Stop-Solution” where advanced CFD simulation on HPC is made possible in integrated and cost-efficient way.

Investigation of Ropax Ferry Performance in the Cloud

Calculating the calm water resistance of a modern Ropax hullform. All simulations were run using version 5.1 of NUMECA’s FINE™/Marine software.

Trends in CFD Illustrated Exemplarily for Competitive Sailing Yachts

This paper describes trends in CFD (computational fluid dynamics) techniques for simulation-based design and simulation-based operation.

Verification and validation of resistance and propulsion computation

This paper is devoted to the verification and validation exercises with the FINE™/Marine software conducted for the Tokyo 2015 workshop.

Resistance and Seakeeping CFD simulations for the Korean container ship

This paper is focused on RANS simulations of Case 2.1 and Case 2.10 of the Tokyo 2015 workshop. 

Influence of the Turbulence Closures for the Wake Prediction of a Marine Propeller

Results of computational fluid dynamics validation for flow around a marine propeller are presented.

Business and Technical Adaptivity in Marine CFD Simulations Bridging the Gap

The paper describes progress in software and business solutions for advanced CFD applications.

KCS Resistance Calculation

Computation referring to the towing tank tests performed by MOERI on the KCS.

Numerical Simulations of the Cavitating and Non-Cavitating Flow around the Postdam Propeller Test Case

Numerically simulated cavitating performance and open water performance of an SMP'15 propeller

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