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NUMECA introduces a new generation of full Hex and Hex dominant meshing tools, covering the whole range of CAE applications, with a suite of dedicated tools for high-quality grids. 

AutoMesh™ includes the following meshing tools:

  • AutoGrid5™: Automatic Full Hex Multi-block Structured Meshing of Multi-stage Turbomachinery
  • HEXPRESS™: Unstructured Full-Hexahedral Meshing
  • HEXPRESS™/Hybrid: Parallel Unstructured Hex Dominant Meshing for complex and/or unclean geometries
  • IGG™: Interactive Geometry Modeler and Multi-Block Structured Grid Generator 

AutoMesh™ software systems are available on all major platforms as stand-alone software, interfaced with all major CFD commercial solvers and supporting direct CAD connectivity to most of the CAD systems.


Key features


  • Automatic structured grid generator for Multi-stage Turbomachinery
  • Wizard mode : optimal topology based on geometry application
  • Multi-stage, by-pass, bulb geometries capability
  • Automated blocking and meshing of axi-symmetric effects
  • Three dimensional effects meshing through advanced template
  • Python scripting technology – Recording feature
  • Plenty of applications: pumps, radial & axial compressors and turbines, wind turbines, fans....


  • Automatic full Hexahedral Grids (no prism, no tetrahedra, no pyramid)
  • Direct CAD import capabilities
  • CAD manipulation and decomposition tools
  • Mesh wizard for rapid solution set-up and easy back and forth operation
  • Buffer cell and boundary layer insertion for high quality cells in boundary layer regions

Automatic strucutred hex mesh generated in minutes - wind turbine

Structured mesh on wind turbine

  • Automatic refinement procedures based on user defined sensors either next to solid walls or at specified area in the domain
  • Multi domain capabilities allowing the treatment of CHT and multi-part geometry models
  • Full non-matching multi-block connection, allowing multi-row turbomachinery meshing


  • Automated CAD cleaning thanks to HoleSearch technology
  • Ultra-fast and scalable mesh generation thanks to  fully-parallel process
  • Full edge capturing according to user request
  • Mesh arbitrarily complex shapes: internal/external, CFD & FEM grids
  • Full edge capturing on user request
  • Details in the geometry are captured according to user-specified level of refinement
  • Batch or Interactive GUI-fully scriptable
  • Flexible viscous layers insertion with smooth transition
  • Volume mesh, pure Tets, pure Hex or Hybrid


  • Common CAD formats as import
  • Many CAD features based on NURBS curves and surfaces
  • Powerful tolerance management system, avoiding tedious CAD repair tasks
  • Simple and intuitive blocking tool
  • Automatic block mapping
  • Full automatic block connection tool ensuring grid consistency at the interface between blocks
  • Boundary shape clustering
  • Snapping functions
  • Internal faces and edges allowing full control of block grids
  • Algebraic and elliptic smoothers for surface and volume meshes
  • CAD projection
  • Saving and viewing surface and block grids at different coarse grid levels


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