Designing world-class sailing yachts with America's Cup CFD experience

        ウェビナービデオ     18.03.2021



With its vast experience working for the world's top sailing boat designers in the context of the America's Cup, the Vendée Globe, and other international racing regattas, FINE™/Marine is at the forefront of sailing yacht fluid dynamics design, particularly in terms of meshing strategies, hydrofoil design, fully automated workflows, etc...

One of the latest additions to it's extensive portfolio is a highly efficient, CFD-based Velocity Prediction Program (VPP). A VPP is a computer program that solves the performance of a sailing yacht in various wind conditions by balancing hull and sail forces. In classical VPPs, CFD is performed by computing many different fixed boat positions, and requires a large number of preliminary calculations to be able to make performance predictions for a single operation point. The FINE™/Marine VPP module, developed together with finot-conq naval architects, makes it possible to calculate an operating point of a sailboat in one single calculation, resulting in significant gains in CPU time and precision.

This webinar explains in detail all the different features FINE™/Marine has to offer for sailing boat design and as such, is a "must watch" for marine engineers and naval architects working in the sailing yacht industry.