Intro to FINE™/Marine CFD Online Workshop

多目的     05.11.2020

You’re invited!


Thursday, Nov. 5

11:00 AM EST - 1:45 PM EST

Friday, Nov. 6


This event is now full!

NUMECA USA is hosting an introductory computational fluid dynamics (CFD) e-workshop geared to naval architects and marine engineers.

In this workshop you’ll not only see but experience hands-on the power of our FINE™/Marine CFD solution with it’s fully automated workflow for a range of marine applications rendering an unparalleled ease of use and productivity level.

During this workshop you’ll have access to the NUMECA cloud platform, meaning you don't need to install any software, and you can simply run the computations from your web browser - no computational power required!

And as a bonus we’ll provide you access to this solution during an additional two weeks after the workshop so you can run simulations on your own vessels/geometries.

This is the perfect opportunity to test CFD software risk-free while producing results on real-world projects. Are you curious about CFD?



Thursday, November 5th

11:00 AM EST - 1:45 PM EST

  • Roundtable and note down each individual’s expectations for the workshop
  • Intro and background to FINE™/Marine and the various applications
  • Basics of CFD - translated to C-wizard
  • Break/Cloud Access - interaction for those needing help to access cloud
  • Resistance demo case - hands on - C-wizard only
  • Closing words/questions for Day 1

Friday, November 6th

11:00 AM EST - 1:45 PM EST

  • Intro, Day Overview, & Roundtable expectations for sea keeping
  • Background to seakeeping, explanation of parameters - application examples
  • Sea keeping demo - hands on part 1
  • Break/Questions
  • Sea keeping demo hands-on part 2 & Post Processing
  • Closing words, next events, and available online trainings