Automotive Aerodynamics & Thermal Management Conference

ターボ機械 外部イベント     29.11.2021

The International Automotive Aerodynamics & Thermal Management Conference 2021 is taking place online on November 29-30 and Cadence is thrilled to be its main sponsor. Everyone is welcome to register and it's a great opportunity to hear straight from some of the largest OEMs how they are tackling aerodynamic and thermal management design challenges today through a series of case studies on:

  • Powertrain thermal management for combustion, electric and hybrid-electric vehicles
  • Aerodynamic design and optimization
  • Vehicle thermodynamics
  • Aerodynamic solutions for CO2 emission reduction
  • Aeroacoustics and fuel management
  • and much more...

Board Members from Honda, Jaguar Land Rover, Bentley, Audi AG, Valeo and Daimler and speakers from other leading global companies will share their expertise, experience, insight, and latest discoveries.

In his presentation “Energetic optimization of the water pump of an IC engine thanks to 3D simulations” Alain Lefebvre from Renault will be talking about how they used Cadence Omnis to increase the efficiency of engine water pumps, an important feat in the fight to reduce CO2 emissions of vehicles, where maximum optimization of every consuming part of the engine counts.

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