Webinar: Why meshing complex geometries has never been so easy

ターボ機械 海洋・造船 - 水力 - 石油・ガス 多目的 メッシュ生成 セミナー     31.03.2021




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With the ever-growing capabilities of computers and CFD software, the complexity of geometries keeps on increasing as well. Nowadays meshing a complete car, an entire ship or even a full engine is perfectly possible.

But the question is: at which cost? How much time should an engineer spend on it? Knowing that a geometry can consist of hundreds of thousands of surfaces, should the engineer decide one by one which parameters should be activated or not? 

We often hear about the burden of these meshing preparations taking longer than the entire rest of the CFD chain. NUMECA has a solution for that. The OMNIS™ environment offers many modern and intuitive meshing preparation tools that enable users to set up meshes for highly complex geometries in a matter of minutes.

This 30-minute webinar will explain and demonstrate these tools on different configurations and geometries.