FINE™/Marine and C-Wizard: Easy-to-use and efficient CFD tools for naval architecture

        ウェビナービデオ     08.07.2020



In this webinar receive insights on how to reduce engineering time and gain efficiency for your designs with FINE™/Marine and the C-Wizard.

We will show you that high-fidelity results are accessible to everybody, CFD expert or not, and can complement or even replace model testing or sea trials.

FINE™/Marine enables engineers to test more design variations and get more detailed information of the fluid field.



In a live case study we will illustrate several examples of industrial applications for fully automatic simulations with the C-Wizard (mesh and set-up) for following applications:  

  • Resistance
  • Seakeeping
  • Open water propeller
  • Trim optimisation

See for example, how to set up for self-propulsion simulation in less than 5 minutes:

  • Input: enter geometry (Rhinoceros plugin included!) and navigation conditions
  • Output: resistance, vessel position, propeller rotational speed and 3D fluid field

Furthermore, we will preview on-going enhancements for the C-Wizard, benefiting from the effective adaptive grid refinement and overset grid techniques!