Industry Focus - Fluid Dynamics simulation solutions for aerospace design

    Laura Trappolini     プレゼンテーション     12.10.2019

From full simulation of external aerodynamics, flight envelope and engine/fuselage interaction with the impact of inlet distortion, to sonic boom calculation, noise prediction, and more... our application-focused solutions provide automated workflows that allow engineers to access a robust design optimization framework, increasing engineering productivity.

These dedicated solutions for the aerospace industry have recorded the fastest simulation technology on the market - 3 to 20 times certified - while attaining accurate results, thanks to years of extensive validation.

This presentation gives you a short overview of the capabilities OMNIS™ has to offer for the Aerospace and Defense industry.





Laura graduated as Mechanical Engineer with a specialization in Energy from the Belgian University of Mons. She joined NUMECA international in 2015. For the first 3 years, she worked as a Turbomachinery Application Engineer. Today, she manages the Multiphysics Product and Application Group.