New release - FINE™/Open with OpenLabs™ v6.2

        ニュース     06.06.2017

We are glad to announce the Official Release of FINE™/Open with OpenLabs™ v6.2.

This version comes with a documentation platform accessible on-line, or for download with the software package, in our customer area on

For the second release of the FINE™/Open with OpenLabs™ 6 series, we have put the emphasis on robustness and stability over new features. In the section 'New features' of the documentation you will find a description of the new minor features and improvements introduced to ease your daily work and extend the scope of application of FINE™/Open in particular:

  • HEXPRESS™: Export to HEXPRESS™/Hybrid SPH format
  • HEXPRESS™: Export to HEXPRESS™/Hybrid SPH format  
  • HEXPRESS™: Improve mesh quality near concave topological edges


  • HEXPRESS™/Hybrid: Enlarge method in the datamapper


  • HEXPRESS™/Hybrid: Geometry and mesh transformations in the datamapper


  • HEXPRESS™/Hybrid: Improvements in multiblock non-conformal meshing
  • HEXPRESS™/Hybrid: NUMECA FEA and surface quality criteria
  • HEXPRESS™/Hybrid: Added keywords in the mesher to add new output possibilities and control on refinements.
  • HEXPRESS™/Hybrid: Improvements in the viewer : locate the start point & heating points, and detect overlapped selections on active selections only.
  • HEXPRESS™/Hybrid: Boolean operations on selections can now be defined  in the mesher and datamapper
  • HEXPRESS™/Hybrid: Parasolid import without extra license
  • FINE™/Open: Robustness and stability general improvements.

We hope you will take benefit from this new version.

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