New release - FINE™/Marine 6.2

        ニュース     16.10.2017

NUMECA gladly introduces the Official Release of FINE™/Marine minor version 6.2.

Several improvements and new capabilities, described in the section 'New features' of the documentation, have been introduced to ease your daily work and extend the scope of application of FINE™/Marine, in particular:

C-Wizard: Trim optimization
The Trim optimization method is quite used in the maritime industry to optimise ship performances and reduce fuel consumption. The dedicated C-Wizard module setups a matrix of computations to determine the optimum dynamic trim angle, for different initial trim angles, different loading conditions, and speeds.

C-Wizard: automatic simplification of sharp angles
Sharp angles can be automatically simplified to ease the mesh generation and improve the mesh quality. Automatic meshing has never been so easy.



Flow solver: robustness of the adaptive grid refinement method
The robustness has been drastically improved! Also, documentation has been revised to propose the best usage of this feature. Making high-speed boats or hydrofoils simulations only relying on adaptive grid refinement technique to refine the free surface, is now a standard in FINE™/Marine.



Flow solver: code optimization
The flow solver has been optimized: around 10% of CPU time saved for all computations compared to previous versions!

Flow solver: actuator disk model now reads the open water performance of the propeller
Inject the propeller performances into the actuator disk model to dynamically get the correct thrust and torque values for any inflow. This feature has an accuracy capable of competing with fully modeled propellers using sliding grids meshes but for the CPU time cost of a traditional resistance case.



GUI: propulsion post processing
The Result Analysis tool automatically computes all necessary outputs for a complete analysis of propulsion computations.


Several other improvements

  • GUI: given the important acceleration of the pressure solver using the multi grid algorithm introduced in v6.1, this method is now mature enough and becomes interfaced with dedicated default parameters.
  • Flow solver: compatibility of the modal approach with adaptive grid refinement
  • C-Wizard: planing regime also available in batch
  • GUI: possibility to enlarge the computations list area
  • Identical viewing state and buttons between HEXPRESS and FINE™/Marine GUI.


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