New release - FINE™/FSI-OOFELIE version v6.2

        ニュース     26.12.2017

For the second release of the FINE™/FSI-OOFELIE series, you can take advantage of all the new developments and features of FINE™/OPEN with OpenLabs™ 6.2 integrated with the latest version of the OpenEngineering OOFELIE Finite Element Analysis (FEA) solver. FINE™/FSI-OOFELIE fully integrated environment for fluid structure interaction offers:

  • Two-way strong coupling: equilibrium between the fluid and solid solution is fully satisfied within each time step.
  • Steady and unsteady computations with 2D and 3D capabilities.
  • Non-conformal meshes at the interface: finer fluid domain resolution possible.
  • Structures: linear and nonlinear analysis. Elastic and thermo-elastic computations.
  • Full scripting capability.

We hope you will take benefit from this new version.