New Release - HEXPRESS™ and HEXPRESS™/Hybrid V7.1

        ニュース     29.12.2017

We are glad to announce the Official Release of HEXPRESS™ and HEXPRESS™/Hybrid v7.1.

These versions come with a documentation platform accessible online, or for download with the software package in our customer area on

This new major release focuses on new capabilities for our unstructured meshing tools.


HEXPRESS™: New CAD manipulation tools
The original volumes can be retained after performing boolean operations.

HEXPRESS™/Hybrid: New local refinement option
An additional local refinement option is added that refines only the surfaces of the original geometries enclosed by the selection.

HEXPRESS™/Hybrid: Post-isotropic refinement
1. Refines the entire mesh isotropically by splitting each cell into smaller cells.

2. Apply an smarter anisotropic refinement inside viscous layers

3. Project each refined nodes onto the original surfaces.

The post-isotropic refinement is way faster than the standard generation of the finer mesh. In the example below, a coarse mesh is refined from 16 million to 125 million cells in 5 additional minutes, and a finer mesh is refined from 625 million to 5 billion cells in 3 hours.

HEXPRESS™/Hybrid: Orthogonal cells in the far field
Preserve perfect mesh quality in the far field.

Fixes and improvements


  • Time to import and convert meshes from AutoGrid5™ is significantly reduced.
  • A smarter inflation method has been introduced to apply the inflation parameters individually for every surface vertex and not globally per surface.
  • The inlet and outlet patches can now be selected when defining non-matching connections.
  • More information on the computation of FNMB is outputted to the shell or the terminal.
  • The triangulation defaults values have been revised to provide a higher accuracy.


  • More options for selection manipulations: list, delete, ungroup, cut
  • Pick the origin of a cutting plane by clicking on the displayed geometry.
  • Improvements in the Holesearcher.
  • Close viscous layers insertion based on geometrical criteria.
  • Optimize mesh quality based on OpenFOAM criterion.
  • New types of optimization are now supported in the Datamapper.

We hope you will take benefit from this new version.