Official releases of FINE/Agile™, FINE™/Turbo & FINE™/Design3D 13.2

        ニュース     20.02.2019

We are glad to announce the official releases of FINE/Agile™, FINE™/Turbo and FINE™/Design3D 13.2.

These versions come with a documentation included in the software package, and available in our customer area on FINE/Agile™, AutoBlade™, AutoGrid5™, and CFView™ are also available as stand-­alone.


Discover the highlights of version 13.2




Bladeless row meshing

Users can now mesh a row without a blade with the option Bladeless Mesh in the row properties dialog box. The mesh in the channel will be a 5 H-blocks topology controlled by the flow paths & the blade-to-blade parameters.
The option will allow meshing a jet engine with no front fan, or any bladeless axisymmetric geometry.

Bladeless row mesh upstream the engine by-pass




Passive tracers and cooling module

Passive tracers can be injected through cooling holes with the cooling module and tracked in the flow. The passive tracer concentrations allow visualizing the direct impact of the cooling flow, "film cooling effectiveness", on a blade.

Visualization of two passive tracer isosurfaces from endwall cooling holes


Non-reactive mixtures

A new type of fluid is available: "Non-Reactive Mixtures", consisting of a number of predefined perfect or real gases for modeling the mixing of inert fluids.

Non-reactive mixtures can be used for simulations of pollutant tracking, chemical mixing flows or cooling flows with different fluid properties than the main flow.

Example: Mixing of pure Oxygen and Nitrogen around cooling holes




Direct coupling with AxCent® & Rhino

AxCent® and Rhino - Grasshopper® are interfaced as parametric geometry modeler with FINE™/Design3D Graphical User Interface (GUI). Dedicated options have been created in the GUI allowing an efficient and user-friendly coupling.


Minamo post-processing improvements

Several new functionalities have been integrated with the post-processing module of FINE™/Design3D:

  • Addition of a database visualization table;
  • Addition of Parallel Coordinates Plot;
  • Improvement of the Monitoring plots:
    • Add the evolution of the EA convergence (only for the last current) iteration;
    • Add in the history plot the possibility to plot the global objective and the total penalty;
    • Add the LOO evolution in order to dynamically follow the evolution of the LOO analysis over the iterations.
  • Several improvements in the Self Organizing Maps (SOM):
    • Add the possibility to plot the reference, user selected points and the optimum/best ID on the SOM;
    • Add the possibility to train the SOM on the success/failure flags;
    • Add a dynamic user-defined view for SOM.


                              Parallel coordinate plots                                            User-defined layout for self-organizing maps



Fixes and improvements


  • Version 8.7 of Concepts NREC software
  • Ability to import and view FINE™/Turbo runs initiated outside FINE/Agile™
  • Support for bulb impeller noses


  • Definition of ZR effects in the geomTurbo file


  • Option to make the production terms in the Spalart-Allmaras & SARC models invariant to the reference frame  
  • Improved GPU acceleration reporting
  • Improved definition of inlet distortion


  • Minamo error handling
  • C-Wizard matrix mode support
  • External mode design space reduction  – not certified (BETA)


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Before you upgrade, check out the Release Notes for important changes in this release.


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