Official release - OMNIS™ 4.1

        ニュース     23.06.2020

Boost your productivity with OMNIS™ 4.1

Featuring more than 100+ new capabilities!


Family tree - Smarter collaboration with the application templates

Users can define their own templates with a custom application family tree independent of the complex CAD system assembly. Your preferred models and best-practice settings are saved with the application template. The next time you or your collaborators study a design variation, simply re-link the geometry to the template and launch the simulation workflow.


OMNIS™/AutoSeal - Forget about CAD preparation thanks to AutoSeal

Save days of effort when preparing the geometry for the simulation. AutoSeal automatically detects gaps and holes resulting from geometrical tolerance or ignored parts, such as bolts or rubber seals. In one click, it automatically creates closing surfaces and defines a watertight domain.


"Where a skilled engineer typically needed one full week to close all the holes of the cabin space before, now this whole process was brought down to just about one hour with AutoSeal. And the robustness of the technology was definitely proven: They had a 100% success rate on 10 different vehicle models." said Mr. Akio Takamura, Chief Engineer at Honda Automotive.

OMNIS™/Hexpress - Conformal fluid-solid mesh

OMNIS™/Hexpress now generates multi-domain unstructured meshes with a full-matching connection between domains, particularly useful to model fluid-solid conjugate heat transfers.



OMNIS™/AutoGrid - High-quality multi-block  structured mesh generation

With the integration of the AutoGrid5™ mesh generation kernel, users can now create high-quality structured grids for turbomachinery applications in the OMNIS™ environment and benefit from advanced features in a user-friendly environment.



OMNIS™/Turbo - End-to-end turbomachinery simulation workflow 

OMNIS™ now integrates the Turbo solver with all turbomachinery-dedicated simulation capabilities, including a specific initial solution and Non-Linear Harmonics method. The OMNIS™ Post module has also been extended to cylindrical, blade-to-blade and meridional average solution co- and post-processing.



Combine structured and unstructured grids for maximum performance and flexibility

The Open solver can now take advantage of the low memory footprint of structured grids and combine them with unstructured domains without any conversion, for maximum performance and flexibility.



OMNIS™/Open-DBS - All the multiphysics capabilities in one environment

The integration of the Open solver for multiphysics applications is almost complete, including OpenLabs™ customization, multi-material domains, combustion models, conjugate heat transfer, Lagrangian particle tracking etc...



More than 100+ new features!

Our developers have implemented more than one hundred new features in the OMNIS™ environment. Find those that will boost your productivity.