Official Release FINE™/Turbo & FINE™/Design3D 15.1

        ニュース     04.09.2020

Increased usability for an easier optimization workflow in FINE™/Design3D and new wall distance computation algorithm in FINE™/Turbo


FINE™/Design3D - Increasing the usability for an easier optimization workflow

An additional step in the complete integration of Concepts NREC’s design system AxCent® is the availability of AxCent® output parameters. The geometric analysis of the turbomachinery, like the computation of curvature, area, and throat, is a response that can be studied or optimized in FINE™/Design3D.

The layout of FINE™/Design3D is also improved to better include design parameters in the project and define their bounds, with new filters and commands to handle projects with thousands of input variables.

New filters and quantities for a better integration with AxCent®

New filters and quantities for a better integration with AxCent®


To limit the user's effort to set up an optimization project, the vast majority of the actions to set up a SCREENING computation are made available as Python™ commands: a macro can be automatically recorded and used to generate a similar "screening" computation from the GUI or from a command line.


FINE™/Turbo: New wall distance computation algorithm

The distance to the nearest wall is necessary for most of the Reynolds-Averaged Navier–Stokes (RANS) turbulence models, but getting the distance field using brute-force or recursive methods can require substantial time. In this new release of FINE™, a new method combines vector distance transform and wave-front propagation for a speedup between 1 and 2 orders of magnitude.


We hope you enjoy these new versions!