Official release OMNIS™ 4.2

        ニュース     02.11.2020

Leverage the new coupled pressure-based solver in the newest version of OMNIS™ 4.2.

Born from the exclusive joint-venture between NUMECA and coupledNumerics, the new OMNIS™/Open-PBS widens the range of applications with fast and robust convergence for low-speed and incompressible flows, ideal for Conjugate Heat Transfer and thermal management analysis.

New coupled pressure-based solver

Thanks to the simultaneous solution of momentum and continuity equations with an implicit block coupling of pressure and velocity variables, the Open-PBS solver yields faster convergence compared to classical, loosely-coupled, segregated pressure-based solvers.


Conjugate Heat Transfer and thermal management 

The segregated formulation of the energy equation and the implicit treatment at the fluid-solid connections make the solver more stable and faster for conjugate heat transfer applications.

Application examples:      

  • Heat exchanger

  • Automotive thermal management

  • Cooling systems

  • Electric motor

  • HVAC

  • ...and more

Low speed rotating machinery

With multi-domain capacities and multiple reference frames, the Open-PBS solver is a perfect solution for a broad range of low speed rotating machinery applications. 


Application examples:

  • Fans

  • Thermal turbomachinery

  • Hydro turbines

  • Pumps

  • ...and more




We hope you will enjoy this new version of OMNIS™.