New release - FINE™/Open with Openlabs 10.1

    Laura Trappolini     ニュース     17.11.2020

Discover Fluid-Structure Interaction and further speed-up in meshing and convergence time in the new version of FINE™/Open with Openlabs™.


  • The viscous layers extrusion method and the improved projection option (EXACTMESHING keyword) have been sped up, resulting in an overall mesh generation time cut down by 4% to 63% among our database cases.

  • Speed up and robustness improvements for distributed MPI version

  • Global speed up for the surface to volume mesh generation

  • An improved version of the optimizer for OpenFoam quality criteria is now introduced



GPU acceleration (FINE™/Open) BETA

Use Graphical Processing Units (GPU) in FINE™/Open to decrease even further your convergence time. 

Combine the CPU-Booster™ to the new GPU technology to speed up your computations up to 10 times faster.



Fluid-Structure Interaction: flutter analysis with the Non-Linear Harmonic NLH method (FINE™/Open) BETA

FINE™/Open now includes an additional module for performing Fluid-Structure Interaction simulations (FSI). The combination of the modal approach and the NonLinear Harmonic (NLH) solver ensures a fast and accurate analysis of flutter or any forced-response phenomena with limited computing resources.

Displacement of stator blades in a compressor stage (Courtesy of TU Darmstadt)


We hope you will enjoy this new version!




Laura graduated as Mechanical Engineer with a specialization in Energy from the Belgian University of Mons. She joined NUMECA international in 2015. For the first 3 years, she worked as a Turbomachinery Application Engineer. Today, she manages the Multiphysics Product and Application Group.