Robust optimization for turbomachinery

The challenge

It is not easy to optimize turbomachinery performance. The flow field is complex, 3D and requires specific knowledge in fluid mechanics to be properly modeled and analyzed through computational fluid dynamics. A lot of engineering time is often needed for improving turbomachinery designs. Trial and error methods do not ensure that the best design is finally obtained. Furthermore, there is no guarantee that the obtained design is robust, meaning that a slight change in operating point might still make a drop in performance.

NUMFLO solution

The experts from NUMFLO have a deep understanding of the flow behavior in many kinds of turbomachinery, such as wind turbines, pumps, compressors, marine propellers, fans, gas turbines, etc. Each year, our team performs many optimizations of turbomachinery designs, using dedicated optimization tools and efficient algorithms from NUMECA software. Robust optimization can also be achieved, thanks to a unique approach including the consideration of uncertainties into the optimization process.


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