Simulate Reality with Fidelity CFD

Simulate Reality with Fidelity™ CFD: The Next Generation of CFD Technologies

At Cadence we don’t believe in general purpose solutions, because they don’t deliver on accuracy nor on performance across all your applications. That’s why we rely on multiple grid generators and up to as many as six different CFD solvers to solve your toughest problems—all in one workflow and automated for an entire range of applications—which means our solutions are incredibly fast, too.


Mesh It!

Nothing good has ever come out of a bad mesh. At Cadence we know that, and thanks to our background in turbomachinery, we’ve learned to rely on hexahedral grids for high-quality results. We’ve developed a number of advanced technologies with both structured and unstructured grids, volume-to-surface approach and vice versa.

Any application from gas turbines, to batteries, marine vessels, or external aerodynamics... you name it, we’ve developed a specific mesh generation approach for it, ensuring you a high-quality mesh. And, even better - without investing hours of engineering time.


Solve It!

At Cadence we don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach, and we know you don’t either - which is why we developed a range of solver technologies which best respond to the problem at hand. 

For example, our structured Turbo solver couples with our high-speed Open-DBS solver to deliver optimal results in turbomachinery applications. And Open-PBS, our new pressure based solver, offers advancements in accurate thermal calculations for automotive applications and in low-speed fan designs. With continued developments for our hydrodynamics marine solver, CFD is gaining popularity with naval architects to improve vessel performance and explore unique propeller designs. 


Optimize It!

When you’re able to simulate reality accurately, you also want to optimize it. We’ve got you covered, with our dedicated optimization environment, encompassing a smart Design of Experiments generation coupled to a Surrogate Modeler based on AI.

Extend that with our capabilities of taking into account uncertainties on your operating, or even manufacturing conditions, and you’ll be able to ensure real-world performance of your product.


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