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Cadence believes naval architects and engineers should utilize the best tools for the job, that's why we have created CFD software that functions as a virtual towing tank, with built-in automation features, designed specifically for the marine industry. 

Perform resistance, propulsion, sea-keeping and maneuvering calculations effortlessly, thanks to our simple-to-use, step-by-step process, built on years of industry experience.  Set-up of calculation matrices for different speeds, angles, sea conditions or even geometrical variations can now be accomplished in a completely automated way. Engineers can evaluate full-scale performance, in 3D, with absolute certainty; no extrapolation from scale models is necessary.

Further, brand-new solver technology allows users to perform hydraulic calculations as fully-transient, with no pre-processing steps. Obtain a highly-accurate solution just by loading a geometry and hitting the "solve" button!


Application dedicated CFD software

Cadence’s solutions enable fully-automated, virtual naval architecture and marine design with tools such as:

  • A marine dedicated, flow-integrated environment for free-surface flow analysis including specific post-processing for the offshore and marine industries 
  • Drastically reduced engineering time for complete CFD simulation set-up, thanks to the C-Wizard
  • Fully-automated mesh generators for high-quality, multi-block structured meshes or fully hexahedral unstructured meshes.
  • Advanced mesh management capabilities for complex motions: sliding grids, overset grids, and our unique-to-market Adaptive Grid Refinement technique
  • Advanced cable dynamics module for tug ships, floating offshore platforms, and many others.

Solutions can be rolled out on premises, On-Demand via dedicated HPC Cloud Computing Resources or a powerful combination of both.



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Automatic set-up of the CFD chain with C-Wizard

The new C-Wizard, incorporated in FINE™/Marinedrastically reduces engineering time for complete CFD simulation set-ups through an automated process.  

It uses all the scripting tools from the interface to automatically set up different applications, such as:

  • Resistance at low and high Froude numbers
  • Sea-keeping
  • (Self-)propulsion
  • Trim optimization
  • Open water propellers

All kind of boats are eligible for the C-Wizard: tankers, containers, high speed crafts, sailing or luxury yachts, even hydrofoils and open water propellers.

No need to spend time on setting numerical parameters. By specifying the physical inputs only, users receive a complete definition of the required simulations, including numerical aspects.

Forget about CAD repair thanks to AutoSeal

AutoSeal is the fastest, most innovative approach for CAD preparation on the market today​.  

Poor quality CADs and highly complex structures require a lot of manual input to result in a good quality mesh.

Cadence’s AutoSeal offers the ability to automatically prepare geometries for CFD analysis in near real-time. For example, it was taking skilled engineers from Honda Automotive one week to clean and fill the holes in their CR-V cab geometry. With the simple installation of AutoSeal, Honda now does this in 1 hour with a 100% success rate (read about the details here). It was a radical improvement to their workflow that was implemented in under a week. 

This technology works for everything: complete cars, ship (super)structures, combustion chambers, offshore platforms,... whatever geometry you have, including CAD and STL, even geometries coming from 3D scans.

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"If there's one thing that's going to win the America's Cup for us, that's going to be simulation."

Dan Bernasconi - Head of Design ETNZ

"It's really important to get the calculations exactly right, that's why we chose FINE™/Marine, because we know we can trust it. "

"And to be able to turn around designs really quickly, so that we have lots of opportunity to make improvements before we put anything on the water."

Nick Hutchins - CFD Specialist ETNZ


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