"May the downforce be with us!" Formula Electric Belgium uses NUMECA for their car aerodynamics

    Anne-Marie Schelkens     News     15.01.2018

Formula Electric Belgium introduces the Umicore Nova

Once again Formula Electric Belgium has taken on the challenge to design, develop and build an electric formula-style car in only nine months. They will participate in international competitions with other university teams from all around the world. 

Formula Electric Belgium unites a group of motivated engineering students from different campuses of KU Leuven University and Thomas More University College in Flanders, Belgium. The team consists of 52 motivated students that work hard and passionately towards designing a winning car!

The Umicore Nova

Nova is the third car built by Formula Electric. It is the first four wheel driven car. It has a single piece monocoque, an adjustable suspension system. It has four in wheel motors, complete with an in-wheel gearbox surrounded by a 3D printed aluminum cooling jacket. The power comes from a modular battery system containing 9 independent modules.

145    Power (kW)  

203    Weight (kg)      

2.6     0-100 km/h (sec)



"May the downforce be with us!"

For their aerodynamics, the team uses NUMECA’s OMNIS/Open-DBS with OpenLabs™. In the words of Christophe Jacobs and Seppe Verstraeten from this year's Formula Electric Belgium team:

NUMECA offers a powerfull suite of tools that every aerodynamic team in racing could use. The local mesh refinement comes in very handy. We’re using NUMECA for our master thesis to optimize the aeropackage on the Formula Student racecar of Formula Electric Belgium. ‘May the downforce be with us’!''







NUMECA is very proud to be partner and sponsor of universities and high schools for projects like this one, enabling students to create state-of-the-art, innovative designs, supporting them with the tools they need to succeed.

We also provide free student licenses for our simulation engineering tools, for more information have a look at our Academic section.

Good luck Formula Electric Belgium!!

For all information on the team: http://www.formulaelectric.be/







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