Technology Deep Dive - Multidisciplinary Design Optimization

    Dirk Wunsch     Presentation     10.11.2019

Understanding design choices by data analysis. This presentation gives you insight into design optimization with FINE™/Design3D and Minamo.




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Posted by Dirk Wunsch

Dirk Wunsch is head of the Robust Design group at Numeca International in Brussels, Belgium. He holds an aerospace engineering degree from the University of Stuttgart, Germany and a doctorate from the Institut National Polytechnique in Toulouse, France. He has a background in multiphase flow modelling and simulation. After he joined Numeca he had been working as development engineer on spray and particle flow modelling for turbo-machinery applications, spray combustion and multi-purpose multiphase flow simulation capabilities for a few years. Later he has been in charge of uncertainty quantification (UQ) modelling within Numeca and is now leading the Robust Design group focusing on UQ and robust and reliable design optimization.