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Automatic set-up of the CFD chain with the C-Wizard

Don't spend time on setting all parameters for meshing and the simulation set-up. 

Ship hull performance estimations in calm sea or in waves become a classical procedure for numerical approaches, especially for CFD software like FINE™/Marine. These applications are well known and well documented. Thanks to the new C-Wizard, you can drastically reduce the engineering time for the complete CFD simulations set-up and automate this process.  

The C-Wizard is using all the scripting tools from the interface to automatically set up different applications such as:

  • resistance
  • sea-keeping
  • open water propeller
  • planing hulls including Savistky prediction
  • sailing yacht for VPP database
  • hydrofoil for VPP database
  • trim optimization

Prescribing physical inputs only, the user will receive in return the complete definition of the required simulations including numerical aspects. Don’t spend time on setting numerical parameters: get the job done immediately with the best of the experience from FINE™/Marine users!



  • Automatic set-up for resistance, sea keeping and open water propellers, including speed ramp for resistance curve, flow angles and automatic set-up for adaptive grid refinement
  • Based on users experience
  • Drastically simplify the CFD process
  • The user defines the physical inputs only, including ship motions or propeller rotational speed, flow characteristics and external forces
  • The C-Wizard is not a black box approach: the wizard defines the default values and all actions are documented. The user is free to change these values!



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