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Automatic set-up of the CFD chain with the C-Wizard

Don't spend time on setting all parameters for meshing and the simulation set-up. 

Ship hull performance estimations in calm sea or in waves now have classical CFD procedures, especially for CFD software like FINE™/Marine. These applications are well known and well documented. Thanks to the new C-Wizard, you can drastically reduce the engineering time for the complete CFD simulations set-up and automate this process.  

The C-Wizard is using all the scripting tools from the interface to automatically set up different applications such as:

  • resistance at low and high Froude numbers

  • sea-keeping

  • (self-)propulsion

  • trim optimization

All kind of boats are eligible for the C-Wizard: tankers,containers, high speed crafts, sailing or luxury yachts, even hydrofoils and open water propellers.

Prescribing physical inputs only, the user will receive in return the complete definition of the required simulations including numerical aspects. Don’t spend time on setting numerical parameters: get the job done immediately with the best of the experience from FINE™/Marine users!

Key features

  • Automatic set-up for various applications including matrices of speeds, angles, drafts, etc
  • Based on users experience
  • The user only defines the physical inputs. It drastically simplify the CFD process
  • The C-Wizard is not a black box approach: the wizard defines the default values and all actions are documented. The user is free to change them!


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