R&D Projects

NUMECA International is proud to be part of several European projects, in the role of coordinator or partner:

Regional projects:

  • ARM-LES &  ARM-LESII: Efficientie van LES methodologie met toepassingen in  verbranding en aero akoestiek
  • GIGAPoints: New generation of multiphysics sofwtare with Gigapoints target.
  • CFD-ADEMA: New generation of industrial CFD software based on Adjoints methods.
  • NextMeshGen: New generation of non structured mesh generator for complex system.
  • LESCOMB: LES method for Combustion (on-going)


European projects:

  • HISAC: Environmentally Friendly High Speed Aircraft
  • NODESIM: Non Deterministic simulation for CFD based design methodologies.
  • UFAST: Interactions chocs-couches limites
  • COMBINA: Combustion models for industrial applications
  • ATTAC: Advanced Turbulence simulation for aerodynamics Application Challenges
  • FFAST: Future FastAeroelastic simulation Technologies
  • VALIANT: Validation and improvement of Airframe Noise prediction Tools
  • ERICKA: Engine Representative Internal Cooling Knowledge and Applications
  • DINNO-CROR & NAA-CROR: Smart Fixed-Wing Aircraft INTEGRATED TECHNOLOGY DEMONSTRATOR & Numerical aero-acoustic assessment of installed Counter Rotating Open Rotor ( CROR ) power plant
  • CAA-NLH: Theories and Numerical code for prediction of near and far field noise generated by new generation propellers and Open Rotor blades
  • IDIHOM: Industrialisation of High-Order Methods – A Top-Down approach
  • GRAIN & GRAIN2: Greener Aeronautics International Networking : Projet de Coordination EU-Chine
  • MARS: Manipulation of Reynolds Stress for Separation Control and Drag Reduction
  • E-CFD-GPU: Efficient CFD Multi-physics programming research
  • TFAST: Transition Location Effect on Shock Wave Boundary Layer Interaction


On-going European projects:

  • ANADE: Advances in Numerical and Analytical tools for Detached flow prediction (www.anade-itn.eu)
  • UMRIDA: Uncertainty Management for Robust Industrial Design in Aeronautics (www.umrida.eu)
  • TILDA: High Order Methods for LES/DNS (www.dlr.de/as/tilda)
  • ALLScale: An Exascale Programming, Multi-objective Optimisation and Resilience Management Environment Based on Nested Recursive Parallelism (www.allscale.eu)
  • AEROGUST: Aeroelastic Gust Modelling (www.aerogust.eu)
  • SSeMiD: Stability and Sensivity Methods for Industrial Design
  • TheBarCode: Development of Multifunctional Thermal Barrier Coatings and modelling tools for high temperature power generation with improved efficiency (www.thebarcode.eu)
  • Mare-Wint: New MAterials and REliability in offshore WINd Turbines technology (www.marewint.eu)
  • CloudFlow: Computational Cloud Services and Workflows for Agile Engineering Cloudflow (eu-cloudflow.eu)