New Release - FINE™/Open with OpenLabs™ version 8.1

    Laura Trappolini     News     20.11.2018

We are glad to announce the Official Release of FINE™/Open with OpenLabs™ v8.1.

Several improvements and new capabilities, described in the section 'New features' of the documentation, have been introduced to ease your daily work and extend the scope of application of the FINE™/Open suite.


Coarse grid simulation (FINE™/Open)
Our FINE™/Open users can now solve their simulations on unstructured agglomerated grid levels to get a fast preliminary solution without having to manually generate a separate coarser grid.


Accurate solution on the fine grid


Preliminary solution on the agglomerated grid


Solution on a coarser mesh manually generated

Grid to grid solution transfer (FINE™/Open)

FINE™/Open can now restart a simulation from a solution on a different mesh. This capability allows our users to:

  • Restart one or more domains of a FINE™/Open simulation from a FINE™/Turbo solution
  • Restart a high-resolution FINE™/Open simulation from a coarse FINE™/Open solution
  • Transfer a high resolution FINE™/Open solution to a coarse mesh for easy post-processing on a local workstation
  • Restart a FINE™/Open simulation from a solution with a different topology or slightly different geometry
  • Quickly process massive meshes and solutions (billions of points in both meshes).

Source coarse solution

Transfer to the finer grid

Converged final solution

Pressure based solver for aerodynamic flows (FINE™/Open) – BETA

A pressure-based method is now available with the FINE™/Open solver. The first domain of application for this BETA version is mono-domain low-speed flows that will strongly benefit from a substantial reduction in computation time.

External aerodynamics simulation of a car with the Pressure based Solver

We hope you will take benefit of this new version.
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