New release : OMNIS 3.1

    Yannick Baux     News     05.03.2019

We are glad to announce the official release of OMNIS™ 3.1.

It’s going to bring you exciting new features and product improvements including our new Lattice-Boltzmann based solver. This release comes with a documentation included in the software and available online in the customer area.


Discover the highlights of version 3.1


OMNIS™/LB – particle-based Lattice-Boltzmann solver


Save a lot of time and run the most complex simulations

OMNIS™/LB is a particle-based Lattice-Boltzmann solver for complex and high-fidelity flow simulations. It easily handles complex geometry with moving parts, solid contacts, free surface flows.
The engineering days spent in geometry preparation, mesh, and simulation setups are now reduced down to minutes of your precious time.
This first release is primarily dedicated to internal multiphase flow applications such as gearboxes, bearings, and volumetric pumps.



Semi-immersed gearbox validation


Mixing tank multiphase simulation



Simulation – Bridge to FINE™


Access all technologies in one environment 

The Bridge to FINE™ feature enables an analysis workflow which takes advantage of OMNIS™'s meshing and post-processing capabilities as well as the simulation power and all features of ™/Open with OpenLabs™, FINE™/Marine, and FINE™/Turbo.

Workflow with OMNIS Bridge


FINE™/Open results post-processed in OMNIS™


Fixes and improvements



Improved user experience

  • We redesigned the UI for a more focused and intuitive navigation
  • Save view as images
  • Orthographic view

More geometry preparation tools

  • Geometry boolean operations such as union, intersection, and subtraction
  • Create chamfer and Fillet
  • Measure distances with a ruler

Extension of your simulation capabilities

  • Launch simulation on a high-performance computing (HPC) cluster
  • Animate geometry and flow solution with the time controller
  • Compute averages and integrals
  • User-define derived quantities
  • Connect your own in-house solver with the Solver Plugin API



  • Import user-defined initial mesh
  • Close viscous layers
  • Variable viscous layers
  • OpenFOAM optimization



  • Compute the gradient, the divergence, and the curl of a quantity - BETA
  • Export results to CFView™ - BETA



  • Automatic lattice generation
  • Fully resolved multi-phase flow with small droplets and bubbles
  • Fully resolved flow through complex geometries and porous media
  • Immersed boundary (IB) method for body-to-body motion and contact
  • Strong scalability for computations on a massively parallel architecture
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Posted by Yannick Baux
Yannick graduated as Energy and Environmental engineer from the French engineer school INSA Lyon. After working for six years as a CFD consultant and part-time lecturer, he joined NUMECA in 2016 as turbomachinery products and applications manager.