Solar regatta 2016 - Congratulations Manta Ray!

    Colinda Francke     News     20.03.2017

NUMECA would like to congratulate the Manta Ray team on winning first place in the second stage of the Solar regatta 2016 at Vladivostok. Despite typhoon Layonrok, the Manta Ray team braved against all odds and showed character in winning the class «B» category. Manta Ray’s winning boat was built within a year by a team of highly skilled engineering students from the Moscow Polytechnic University who wanted to contribute towards making the earth a greener place. The Manta Ray team worked in close collaboration with NUMECA-Russia in designing and analysing the boat with NUMECA’s software.

The Manta Ray team analysed more than 10 variants of futuristic hulls to come up with the design of the lightweight boat which was among the prizes at each stage of the competition. Working with us, the team used OMNIS™/Hexpress, FINE™/Marine and CFView™ to simulate and analyse hulls for design speeds ranging from 0.5 m/s to 9.7 m/s. One of their main criteria for evaluation of these hulls was to minimize the drag offered by the boat. The drag was minimized by reducing the surface area of the hull wetted by the water and the wave making characteristics of the boat itself. After weeks of rigorous testing and simulation on FINE™/Marine, Manta Ray finally came up with a 4.4 meter long boat that weighed only 180 kilograms.


The mesh generated on OMNIS™/Hexpress (left) and the wave elevation captured on CFView™ (right)

Solar Regatta is a series of boat races aimed at the development of renewable energy and enhancing public awareness through engineering competitions. The boat races are organised for students and young engineers in which each team designs, creates, develops and tests its own motorized vessel propelled only by solar energy. After gaining valuable experience at Nizhniy Novgorod  and Vladivostok in Russia, Manta Ray aims to get to the main stage of the race in Monaco this year. To learn more about Manta Ray visit their website here and follow them here.

As proud supporters of student engineering competitions, NUMECA works closely with many colleges and universities by training and guiding student teams in realising their full potential with our CFD softwares. Contact if you would like to use NUMECA’s software to gain valuable leverage over other teams.


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