Prof Charles Hirsch was Talking CFD with Robin Knowles

    Anne-Marie Schelkens     News     03.08.2018

In the words of Robin Knowles from Talking CFD:

It’s always a pleasure to talk to a guest that has been at the top of our industry long enough to help shape how it looks today. Professor Charles Hirsch founded NUMECA 25 years ago, and has grown it into one of the pillars of commercial CFD, particularly in the maritime sector.

It’s difficult to distil 25 years into a 30-minute interview, so we don’t even try. Instead, Professor Hirsch gives us the benefit of his experience on:

  • how they’ve been “appifying” CFD since before it was trendy
  • working hand-in-hand with academia for R&D
  • how they tackle the eternal CFD balancing act — accuracy vs. reliability vs. robustness
  • why Lattice Boltzmann is so hot right now



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