Aeronautics Design Solutions - Part 2: Sonic boom prediction for supersonic aircraft

    Artemii Sattarov     Webinar Recording     21.04.2020



The return of commercial supersonic flight is on the horizon. A number of companies around the globe are racing to be the first to develop the next generation supersonic airliners. NUMECA's FINE™/Open with OpenLabs™ is a reference solution for accurate and fast CFD analysis, thanks to a range of tailored solutions and best practices we developed for aeronautics in collaboration with various industrial partners.

In this webinar, see how FINE™/Open with OpenLabs™ delivers high-accuracy results for the aerodynamic behavior of supersonic aircraft. We will present a full-chain workflow for the aerodynamics simulation of a NASA Concept 25D supersonic aircraft, starting with tailored mesh generation techniques.   

- High-fidelity and automatic workflows for supersonic aircraft simulations
- Sonic boom prediction techniques applied to the NASA Concept 25D supersonic aircraft
- How to tailor mesh orientation and resolution for accurate sonic boom predictions

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Artemii Sattarov is a CFD Application Engineer at the headquarters of NUMECA International. He holds BSc in Aerospace Engineering and MSc in Computational Mechanics. His double degree Erasmus Master's studies were held at UPC BarcelonaTech and Swansea University. Prior to joining the company in 2017, Artemii was an intern at ANTONOV company, CFD research assistant at Barcelona Supercomputing Center, and student demonstrator assistant at Swansea University.