New Release - Omnis™ version 5.2

    Anne-Marie Schelkens     News     02.12.2021

The newest release of the Cadence Omnis CFD environment is available now and brings better project and file management, more geometry repair tools, multi-block structured meshing and faster Turbo and Open solvers, to name but a few of the advantages. Special attention was giving for this update to 3 further improvements that were high on the demand list:


Unsteady sliding-grid simulation of hydraulic turbines

Engineers and designers can now perform unsteady simulations of hydraulic turbines and

other turbomachinery applications with incompressible flow thanks to the repetition of meshed blade passages in Omnis Autogrid and the sliding-grid rotor-stator interface in the Omnis Open Pressure-Based Solver.

Vortex rope swirling in the draft tube of the GAMM water turbine model


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"Simulation of Hydraulic Turbines with Omnis CFD"



Detect and display vortex cores

A new post-processing probe identifies and displays the cores of the flow vortices, helping the engineers improve their designs’ aerodynamics.

Visualization of vortex core lines around the DrivAer model


Migrate easily from FINE/Turbo to Omnis

To facilitate the migration from the legacy FINE environment to Omnis, we have implemented the import of the FINE/Turbo project and solution that allows running the simulation with the same settings or directly importing the results in Omnis. 

FINE/Turbo solution of the Rotor37 model imported in Omnis Post


And plenty of other improvements have been made, details are available on our customer area.

We hope you enjoy this new version!


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Anne-Marie is the Sr Marketing Communications Manager for CFD at Cadence Design Systems. Before joining Cadence, she already had +5 years of experience in the Computational Fluid Dynamics industry, coming from Numeca International where she held the role of Head of Marketing Communications. She also held various roles in the automotive and ICT industries, based in Belgium and Spain, earlier in her career.